Casino in Macau

Macau has recently developed very quickly, the number of visitors to this small province of China surpassed even his fellow — Hong Kong. Even Las Vegas recedes into second place, passing forward the gambling city of Macau. Generally, gambling in Macau is divided into 3 branches: this is horse racing, Greyhound racing and casino games. On latest on and will be discussed. Casinos in Macau at the moment, a few dozen, but rather their 33. Every day tens of thousands of people come to play in casino and win, and often lose millions of dollars in machines, roulette, blackjack, poker and other games the most unimaginable. Where to go to play? What casino to choose? Where better to go to just gawk at, and how best to get there? — here are the questions that I will try to answer.

Generally, in Macau, unlike in mainland China (in China gambling is illegal) games of chance played for a long time. In 1847, for the effective replenishment of the budget of the city was legalized gambling, but the real surge in development of gambling and particularly casino began in 2002, collapsed when the monopoly on gambling.

Casino Grand Lisboa is the oldest casino in Macau.

Now Macau’s 33 casinos, including and the world’s biggest casino the Venetian Macau. 23 of them are located on the Macau Peninsula and 10 on Taipa island. They are such games as: blackjack, roulette, baccarat, SIC Bo, fan-tan. Naturally every casino has plenty of slot machines with all games and stakes. Poker was introduced only in 2007 in the casino Galaxy StarWorld in electronic form. For several years, poker spread throughout the institutions. Today in poker you can play of the largest gambling houses of Macau.

Different games offered in Macau.

Today the gambling business in Macau brings in over 50% of the income of the economy. Macau is the only place in China where gambling is allowed, so the players mostly continental Chinese. Every year Macau is developing plans in a few years to increase revenues from non-gaming business: various seminars, exhibitions, business meetings and more.

When Macau was still a Portuguese colony, then a high crime rate was a true panacea. After entering Macau in China, crime rates have decreased and now he is one of the lowest in Asia.

The best casinos in Macau

Casino in Macau a lot and getting around them all will take a few days, but this does not need. Each casino tries to outdo the competitors are struggling, offering its customers a bunch of different services or decorating the interior and exterior of their casinos. In some casinos, you may encounter an unimaginable luxury or unusual solutions in terms of architecture. But anyway, many of them are similar and it makes no sense to visit all 33 of the casino. Lead 7 and a variety of best casino in Macau, some are of a kind the best in the world. So the seven of the best casino Macao.

Casino Venetian Macau

Casino Venezia (Venetian Macau Casino) is probably the most in Macau. It is the largest casino in the world, even in Las Vegas there are no casinos more than a Casino of Venice. In fact it is not just a casino but an entire city, which is the largest in the region shopping center, a luxury hotel with various rooms (there are about 3000 rooms), boutiques, shops, art galleries, bars restaurants, interactive sky and even canals with gondolas and gondoliers. Luxury and rustichello — that’s the credo of this casino… read More about casino Venetian Macau.

Casino Wynn Macau

The Wynn casino (Casino Wynn Macau) opened its doors on 5 September 2006, the opening of it was solemn. Though the casino does not differ huge size, but not in the size of the business, this casino the best reviews, even better than their larger, more famous brethren. In 2010, the Wynn casino was expanded and it added a 57-story Encore tower, therefore, this entertainment complex became the largest on the island, exceeding even Macau Grand Lisboa by number of rooms. Read more about Wynn casino.

MGM Grand casino

MGM Grand is a brand that is known worldwide, and of course they have a casino in Macau. Mirrored wavy surface 28-storey building the MGM Grand looks very luxurious. Inside it is no less beautiful. MGM Grand Hotel welcomes its guests into a luxurious lobby with a beautiful sculpture of Salvador Dali. Read more about MGM Grand casino.

The Sands Casino Macau

The Sands Macau was the first casino on the island of Macau, which is made in American style. Here you will find all the attributes of America: live music, buffet, free drinks and more. Good service, wide betting range and huge spacious rooms makes this gambling house are very attractive for visitors and guests. Read more about the casino and The Sands Macau

City of Dreams casino

City of Dreams casino (City of Dreams) is right in front of his direct rival casino of Venice (Venetian Macau Casino), but the City of Dreams, in contrast to Venice, attracted the attention gondolas and canals, and numerous facilities for relaxation and entertainment than lives up to its name. The complex is located, such as: luxury hotel Crown Towers, Hyatt hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, three specialty restaurants (Golden Pavilion, Ji Xiang Yuan, Ru Yi Noodles) and the most popular in Asia, night club Cubic. Read more about City of Dreams casino.

Galaxy Rio Casino

Galaxy Rio casino is the largest entertainment center in China. The interior of the casino is designed in the style of Italian Renaissance paintings on the walls and painting and all this is illuminated by beautiful chandeliers. The hotel is a bit like Venice, but in a slightly different spirit.

Grand Lisboa Casino

Ene it can be seen from everywhere, during the day it shines with gold, at night it shimmers with lights and spotlights, made in the form of a Lotus flower, casino Grand Lisboa (Grand Lisboa Casino) rises above all other buildings in Macau. The Grand Lisboa is the oldest casino in Macau. It was restored in 2007 and now we can see it in a new modern look. Read more about the casino Grand Lisboa.

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