Grand Lisboa Casino

It can be seen from everywhere, during the day it shines with gold, at night it shimmers with lights and spotlights, made in the form of a Lotus flower, casino Grand Lisboa (Grand Lisboa Casino) rises above all other buildings in Macau. The Grand Lisboa is the oldest casino in Macau. It was restored in 2007 and now we can see it in a new modern look. This casino you can visit, accompanied by a  Female escort 

From afar at night, the Grand Lisboa looks beautiful.

The casino consists of 2 buildings of rectangular and beautiful Lotus flower.

Inside the casino decoration is made in the Chinese style, but it looks very rich.

Many different statues and other small pieces of furniture and luxury.

Rich staircase upstairs.

This casino is a little different from all the others, it is not as pompous as others, and the game rooms here are located in a maze.

Many decorations are made from very expensive materials like ivory and gold.

Should I remind you that the casino has a hotel, a variety of restaurants and other entertainment.

To game rooms we got, because were not going to play and for this it was necessary to take the Elevator to the upper floors (there’s 57 floors), but to go to see a casino in the old style still stands.  

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