Casino Venetian Macau

Casino Venezia (Venetian Macau Casino) is probably the most in Macau. It is the largest casino in the world, even in Las Vegas there are no casinos more than a Casino of Venice. In fact it is not just a casino but an entire city, which is the largest in the region shopping center, a luxury hotel with various rooms (there are about 3000 rooms), boutiques, shops, art galleries, bars restaurants, interactive sky and even canals with gondolas and gondoliers. Luxury and rustichello — that’s the credo of this casino..female escort in macao

Even the entrance to casino Venice is very beautiful and rich. To get to the casino must cross the bridge over the artificial channel. Here you can see the entrance to the hotel Venetian Macau Resort Hotel.

The entrance to the hotel Venetian Macau Resort Hotel.

It should be noted that the interior of the casino of Venice are very luxurious and elegant. This design welcomes you at the entrance.

The gold design at the entrance to the casino.

Interior finishing is made in the Italian style, there are many paintings, Golden statues, fountains and various parts in the Italian style, but they are made very rich and a little Asian. In the casino a lot of people, and they probably didn’t come here to play, and just take notes.

The interior of the casino.

In the play area it is impossible to photograph, so there is only such a photo. Games area casino of Venice is a bit much 945000 m2 space features 850 gaming tables and 4100 slot machines. Here are many different casinosif games including pure Chinese and everyone can find something to their liking and pocketbook.

The gaming area of the casino.

Inside, there are whole streets with expensive boutiques and shops.

Street with shops.

Index of names of streets, not to get lost.

And of course, we have Venice — here and canals with real gondolas and gondoliers.

Channels with gondolas.

By the way gondoliers working here not only the Chinese, as it was before, I have noticed many of the gondoliers-Europeans. They entertain their passengers games, musical instruments and songs.

Gondoliers entertain the passengers by singing and playing musical instruments.

Sometimes there are also empty gondolas, but they are a minority.

Empty gondola — a rarity in the casino of Venice.

Casino Venice for its architecture follows the ensembles Venice itself, although it looks a bit artificial and very perfect, of course in Venice the water is so blue and the streets are not so clean and the buildings are shabby.

The whole Venetian street built inside the casino.

There are pure Chinese fun like losing the Golden egg and get rich.

The Golden cash egg.

As in real Venice here’s a 24 — hour chimes, but here they look perfect as a Disney movie.

24 – hour chimes.

Transitions between the levels performed here with such escalators, decorated with paintings and zhivopisyu.

The escalators in the casino.

Yes and I almost forgot to say about the sky, here it interactively, i.e. the day it is blue, and at night it is dark and it light up the sky. Made very plausible, we are not immediately guessed that the sky is artificial.

The sky at night will be stellar.

Casino has very there is always something to do, it regularly hosts all kinds of shows and other entertainment events. For example at the end of may, there is the carnival, such as our carnival. Even if you’re in the nines lost, then you will have a good impression about this casino.

Casino Venezia you can just come and stick around, look at Gandaki, to come can any person even if not playing. Or you can try to take a chance and try your luck.  

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