City of Dreams casino

City of Dreams casino (City of Dreams) is right in front of his direct rival casino of Venice (Venetian Macau Casino), but the City of Dreams, in contrast to Venice, attracted the attention gondolas and canals, and numerous facilities for relaxation and entertainment than lives up to its name. The complex is located, such as: luxury hotel Crown Towers, Hyatt hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, three specialty restaurants (Golden Pavilion, Ji Xiang Yuan, Ru Yi Noodles) and the most popular in Asia, night club Cubic. Female escort in macau

2 great hotels for different target groups located directly in the City of Dreams.

Hotels in City of Dreams casino.

At the City of Dreams clearly the theme of the Feng Shui purely Asian style.

The entrance to the casino is guarded by 2 lions.

The interior is designed in strict modern style.

The interior City of Dreams casino.

Inside City of Dreams very beautiful and unusual.

Inside City of Dreams.

Inside, everything is decorated with dragons.

Dragon — an indispensable attribute of a Dream.

Even the dragons.

In casino there are 2 large theatre: “Dancing Water Theather” and “Bubble”. Each of them are interesting. We went to Bubble on the view “The Dragons Treasure”.

In the great hall on the spherical ceiling with illumination and lasers show an amazing story about the 4 elements: fire, water, air and earth, which are represented as dragons. Dragons are worn directly over your head, all under the amazing sound. We loved it and it is fun just 50 MOP.

Dream city is the biggest gambling place Macau. And it’s not the sound, and in a myriad of lights that greet each visitor and lead him to the gambling table to spend money, but we don’t play, so hurry to leave, not to take a sin.

Highly recommend to visit this place, not so much for the interior as for the show  

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