MGM Grand casino

MGM Grand is a brand that is known worldwide, and of course they have a casino in Macau. Mirrored wavy surface 28-storey building the MGM Grand looks very luxurious. Inside it is no less beautiful. MGM Grand Hotel welcomes its guests into a luxurious lobby with a beautiful sculpture of Salvador Dali. female escort of Macao

The building of the MGM Grand casino is a classic style that can be seen in every casino Las Vegas.

The building of the MGM Grand casino looks luxurious.

The inner space of the MGM Grand casino.

Inside the MGM Grand is no less beautiful.

Casino offers its customers a variety of services: slot machines, table games, 9 restaurants with different cuisines, as well as spas, cinemas, night krubi, meeting rooms and so on. By the way to all players in the soft drinks free.

Luxurious crystal chandelier on the inside.

In this casino you can enjoy playing tour includes: flights, transfers to hotel, hotel room, and the player is issued a personal card, with which you can easily pass in all the places and restaurants of the MGM group. The owners of the tour can attend any shows are taking place in the institution. Thus it remains only to relax and spend money.

Something like the winter garden inside the casino.

This casino is a Paradise for gamblers, trying to feel the real Vegas.  

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