The Sands Casino Macau

The Sands Macau was the first casino on the island of Macau, which is made in American style. Here you will find all the attributes of America: live music, buffet, free drinks and more. Good service, wide betting range and huge spacious rooms makes this gambling house are very attractive for visitors and guests.

Sands Macau, as translated this casino offers more than 800 gaming tables where you can play popular casino games. In the gambling house has a separate hall with slot machines.

Inside, everything is very wonderful. this casino can also be accompanied by a escort girl

The Sands Macau offers VIP guests a special private entrance, by the way, just a few inputs. Casino made in the original design with a larger scale. On-site casino has 7 different restaurants, live music and cuisines from around the world included.

Very good casino, from minuses only if a large influx of visitors over the weekend because of the proximity to the pier.  

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