Casino Wynn Macau

The Wynn casino (Casino Wynn Macau) opened its doors on 5 September 2006, the opening of it was solemn. Though the casino does not differ huge size, but not in the size of the business, this casino the best reviews, even better than their larger, more famous brethren. In 2010, the Wynn casino was expanded and it added a 57-story Encore tower, therefore, this entertainment complex became the largest on the island, exceeding even Macau Grand Lisboa by number of rooms.

A distinctive feature of the Wynn casino is what each part looks the same (red carpets, chandeliers and grey curtains), and not immediately know which part you are. You can only understand it on some labels and know what they mean.

Red carpets — casino chip Wynn.

If the player does not know exactly where he is now, he can’t find the necessary game. Play areas scattered around the gambling house and often visitors have to find their desired tables, some tables are mixed in with a VIP area, try to figure it out from this maze. If you get lost, ask the staff, you are sure to help.

The casino has 375 slot machines with a variety of rates (from a few cents to $ 10), all located on the ground floor.

The gaming area of the casino.

The gaming area of the casino Wynn.

But outside the Wynn casino every day at 19.00 the show of fountains and lights that can see everyone and of course it’s all free.

Show of fountains and lights around the Wynn casino.

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From the Wynn casino offers awesome views of the Bay and the bridge.

View from casino on Taipa island — you can see the bridge connecting Taipa and Macau.

My conclusion — very nice casino and it’s not.  

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