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Call girls confessions of an employee of the escort on the life of luxury .

I’m not a nymphomaniac and not obsessed with sex, I just like him, and I’m not shy. I don’t hate men. I am not a victim of child trafficking. I’ve never been raped or drugged or done porn. I’m not addicted. I always wanted to be the best at sex, but doesn’t that mean being a Pro? In General, I have not met people who would be bored with having sex — it will be just as strange to hear that the musician is tired of music.

I began to develop in the escort sphere: I studied massage, subtleties of work of geishas, geter, devadasi,”white tigresses”. Usually I go to a meeting with a heavy purse full of sex toys, picked up on the eve of the desire of a particular client-the details on the eve of discussing on the phone.

I have an Arsenal of costumes: some want to see a nurse, others police themselves and others want to stay in the role of little red riding hood, which met in the forest and sexually hungry Gray Wolf. Quite often offer to experiment with coprophilia, but I do not understand this “pleasure”.

Orgasm I usually do not simulate, was only a couple of times in the entire practice, but it is quite extreme cases, when I could not reach the discharge, being under the influence of alcohol.

About a third of men liked to watch me masturbate. You could say 98 percent wanted to cum on me. Half of them were showing off their dick. But here’s who bothered me really is the owners really huge members (about one-fifth of those who thinks so). There is a popular opinion that for women, the larger the penis, the better, but none of my friends do not like giants, most prefer the average size of male dignity within 15-21 cm.

Ninety percent of my clients were married, most of them were bankers. If you are familiar with an investment Bank employee who tells you that he has never used an escort service, your friend is a Saint, or more likely just a liar.

My oldest man was about eighty, he was quite a cheerful little man. But usually I meet people 30-50 years. As a Pro, I’ve probably tried everything: with girls, BDSM, role-playing games and a rather popular topic, when a man plays a female role, and a woman plays a male role.

One of the men wanted to pour honey on me from head to toe and then fuck me. I said no. He said he’d pay twice as much, and I said no again. He offered a triple price, and I said Yes. Throughout the process, I thought about how I then have to wash clothes and spend another two and a half hours to do hair and makeup. That’s when I decided that if he ever asked for honey pleasures, I would take four times. Maybe more.

I make about five thousand dollars a night. In some cities, this amount may be less, in some significantly more. Other employees of escort services charge $ 100 to satisfy the client’s hand.

All men are similar, but they are all completely different. One paid me $ 20,000 a month, and I had to spend two days and two nights a week with him. He was 62, divorced, very nice man. I’d like to have a couple more clients like him. Sometimes we went to the movies or to dinner. Sometimes fucked. He had cancer, and he told me he loved me and wanted to marry me.

I’ve been to Morocco, Paris, Beijing and Monaco. Men brought me tea from London, chocolate from Switzerland, linen from France and shoes from Italy. I bought my parents a small house in the village. (I told them that my American fiancé is very rich and cares about me.)

Clients knew me as angelina or Anna. Angelina is a soft, smart, playful pleasure hunter who is very serious about enjoying life.

Anna is a more timid companion on an expensive journey, sometimes passionate, sometimes noisy, but always unforgettable.

Angelina cost $ 800 an hour and $ 4,000 a night. Anna-900 $ and 5,000 $ respectively. Both were listed as super-elite escorts. In this business, a lot of young and beautiful girls. What brought me to the top was my diligence and attention to detail. I was successful because I learned valuable lessons.

Here are some of them:

Now I know men want to know the woman they’re dealing with. Surprisingly, many, even most of them, really need something like a “connection”. Profile frivolous Angelina or Anna, who loves luxury vacation, relaxes men. Then they call. I’ve always wondered why Playboy attaches a little interview with a girl in a photo. Now know. Guys who masturbate want to feel like they know this girl.

You can rent a porn star for $ 2000, their ads are on the same site as mine before. You can find a kept woman for $ 4,000 a month. There are even special offers, like “sex vacation”, and for $ 2000 the client gets housing and food with sex. If you want to make money on the services of an escort, you need to be able to offer something unusual. For example, I could offer toys, role-playing games and BDSM.

I didn’t provide anal sex and didn’t even know what it was until one of my clients asked me to. At first I thought he was joking, and I thought I hit him when I chuckled a little at his request. If I were to provide such a service, I would ask for at least $ 1500 mainly because a lot of men think it’s something forbidden and are very shy to ask because of the strong opinion that girls don’t like it.

If you work through an Agency, they find clients themselves, set the time and place of meetings. They care about you. But they also take the money. For massage services-half. For escort services-about 30-40 %.

Girls who work in agencies do not want to do their own business. I think it’s shortsighted. First of all, those who advertise 20 girls usually have two, one blonde and one brunette. Of course, these girls have a lot of work. Very much. If the Agency accepts 20 clients a day, each of the girls serves up to 10 men a day. By the end of the summer, they get $ 50,000. But for this they have to deal with a huge number of men. It’s not worth it to me. Not effective. Only richer organizers of the business.

But the trump card is attention. The truth is, even with those who filmed me for 3 or 4 hours, the sex itself usually took about 15 minutes. They pay for understanding.

Everyone usually wants you to cum, and not once. One 60-year-old client wanted me to cum 5 times before he did. He thought he was taking care of me that way. In fact, he just wanted to prove to himself that he could still bring a young girl to orgasm. (I deceive people, of course, but more often people deceive themselves).

So, needless to say, I pretended to come. I also realized that the best and most convincing way to show a client that I had an orgasm was to just tell him, “I came.” That’s all. It’s nothing special. I’m not much of an actress, but that’s not necessary. “I came,” and it’s the hat. They believed. They were so proud of themselves. In fact, for most girls you will not understand for sure: it’s like God or love — you will not see it with your eyes, but you believe that it exists.

Sometimes I entertain my clients. I told them I had just returned from Dubai or Hawaii. I’ve never been to these places, but I’ve watched a lot of programs about them, and then I talked about the sheikhs, marble hotels somewhere far away in the desert, or the huge waves on Oahu. Such stories gave me exotic, made me interesting. Guys like to fuck attractive girls with a slim figure, but they like to fuck interesting girls.

I ate little. When I was invited to dinner, I usually ordered a salad and juice. No onions, garlic and coffee. Nothing that smells. Even if this particular guy doesn’t mind, others will mind. I rarely drink alcohol and never take drugs. Prepayment. With a condom, of course. On the phone the price is not discussed.

I worked from noon to midnight, 12 hours a day. I was always precise, efficient and nice, even when the client was rude to me. One or two bad reviews can already cause damage to business.

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